Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top10 Best Tips to Become Successful Top Fashion Model

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It is one of the most well known and popular ways to Get Rich Quick, become Famous Celebrity, travel for FREE globally to the exotic places, meet the Hollywood movie stars, royalty, world elite!  Many thousands of young girls and women are dreaming from the young ages about becoming the fashion model.  There is no any other such simple and easy legitimate job in the world.  And you do not need to demonstrate any incredible talents in singing, dancing, etc....   Here is the list of Top10 Best Tips to Become Rich Quick as Successful  Top Fashion Model!
1. Move, relocate to a major regional marketplace center for the global Fashion Industry for successful in person networking, self-promotions, establishing contacts, make friends!
It would be more fast, simple and easy to network in person with the major and elite modeling agencies, firms, agents, fashion designers, shows, most of the industry' executives!  New York is "king" when it comes to fashion modeling. Try and get signed by a major agency there like Ford, Elite or IMG. Most of the major cosmetic and advertising contracts come out of New York. If you are living in the United States Los Angeles, Miami are also great alternatives. If you are living in Europe consider Paris, London or Milan.
2.  Start your preparations for the Fashion Model career as early by your age as possible through the local beauty peagents, fashion shows, other competitions.
The fashion model career is very short from the start to the finish.  You need to start your career as fashion model quick. It could last no more than 5-8 years.
The successful fashion models typically would start their careers between the ages of 13 and 18. The famous fashion designers, modeling agencies are always looking for the new and younger fashion models to try on the small local runways and shows.  Every of the existing Top Fashion Models would fight to get the new contracts or renew the existing ones. But the modeling agencies, fashion designers want to attract more public with the fresh faces, unique figures and younger fashion models.  So your replacement could wait her chance around the corner!
3.  The Keyword to success in Your modeling career is the "Networking." 
The fashion photographers, modeling agencies, fashion designers are not looking by themselves for new fashion models.   They have the thousands new applicants every day for the very limited number of job openings. It is important to network, work and socialize with the best fashion photographers working for top fashion magazines and modeling agencies. Hire them. Get amazing pictures. It is your job and although agencies may assist you with this ultimately it is your responsibility. The images photographers give you will make or break you. Be nice to them and test as frequently as you can. Become friends with powerful people like the owners of modeling agencies, editors of fashion magazines, famous fashion designers, movies superstars, other big celebrities.
4. Have the portfolio of  your pictures and videos taken only by the professional  fashion photographers  in multiple copies and ready for the distribution and presentation on call. Now it is better also have your own website with the posted there snapshots, pictures for 24-7 presentations.
Your advertising, networking and self-promoting should not stop after you have got the first modeling job and with the success in your career.  The great quality still pictures and videos could be the career makers specially for the runway models. Now in the age of internet and smart phones all people in fashion industry want to do their communications faster without spending to much time emailing, mailing, opening some printed magazines. Your great portfolio would be your best  "resume" for the fashion job!
5.  The successful Top Fashion Models with millions dollars in their pockets have their own publicists, agents, managers that have taken care about the news and media!  You should manage your Publicity as smart as you can!
You should start your own PR and Publicity campaign. Keep all the records of your success relative to the fashion industry. Get in the news and media with those records, news stories about you and career making. Prepare your Publicity Kit. Get your actual resume ready and regularly updated.

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